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 Salvage @ Lake New Melonies 
Salvage: Broke Loose During Storm
Lake New Melones, California
T. Parks Marine Responds to the call of a sunken vessel. This vessel had both pontoons completely submerged due to breaking loose during a winter storm. T. Parks Marine hauled the vessel out bit by bit as to drill holes and slowly release water from the pontoons making the vessel light enough for finial haul out to the Lake New Melones Work Yard.
 Salvage @ Clear Lake 
Gibson Houseboat run ashore and being salvaged from Clear Lake

Textbook Salvage: Houseboat pounding into the rocks
Lake Port, Calif.
This clean freshly painted Gibson houseboat met an untimely fate as it broke off its bouy in the town of Lake Port on Clear Lake in Northern California. South easterly winds drove the fiberglass hull into an unforgiving shoreline just a few hundred yards from the main boat ramp.  Our crews arrived late Monday evening to begin the salvage operation. Witnesses said the boat had been on the rocks for at least 12 hours prior to salvage.  Two pumps were used to maintain the hull overnight, until 4 more water pumps and air compressor could be brought in the next day.  Our crew manned the vessel all night and into the next day making sure the pumps ran and no more damage was incurred. 

After 30 hours of straight pumping, removing over 100,000 gallons of water an hour, progress was made to repair various holes in the stern and mid ship of the hull.  Once interior pieces were removed to access the lower hull, the pumps could now keep up and the hull was able to be floated.  Loading was performed at the main boat ramp of Lake Port, Ca and was witnessed by the owners of the vessel. Special thanks goes out to Gary from Atlantis Diving for providing the pumping and safety equipment.

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